The Ministry of Knowledge

The full text of Jarett's writing about the scene captured in these files is below, but here's some salient information:

" the beginning there was a guy named Daver, who was bored in the summer of nineteen-and-ninety-two, and decided he'd "hack" FrontDoor and post some fake messages to a local BBS message network, called New England Net.

"Daver went a step further and threw a BBS up on his Amiga 2000, running software he himself had coded, called The Ministry of Knowledge....

"The third and possibly most important action on Daver's part was to start up an e'zine called Rhode Island Computer Underground Society (RICUS), which gave all of the people who had been reading his BBS and supporting R0bin H00d in the various local Networks a place to put whatever crap they submitted.

"This archive is representative of only about 1/3rd (if that) of the text files that were written during the period, which I would estimate runs from Early Summer 1992-Late 1995. A lot, and I mean A LOT, of stuff is missing. If any of you out there have it, please, submit it, so that I may be humiliated even further."

Description of the Textfile
323chat.txt 47313
Selection of Messages from the 323-Chat (September 1992)
401.txt 10029
The Rhode Island BBS List, Summary Addition
_silly-1 104214
The Spray Gaurd Two Thousand.. and One! by Paul Jacob Reidl (Mustard Seed) 1993
aids 2971
FAGS BURN IN HELL: The World of TMoK and Area Code 401, by Jarett/Squinky/AIDS
ansalonx.001 43381
The Ansalon Times Issue #1
bennet.log 13578
Shadowspawn chatting with Kristen Bennet, a (non-existant) 21 yr old female
bennet2.log 18347
Shadowspawn chatting with Kristen Bennet, a (non-existant) 21 yr old female (Part II)
cnsrt001.txt 30845
The Consortium, Issue #1 (September 1, 1994)
cnsrt002.txt 35273
The Consortium, Issue #2 (October 1, 1994)
comit.log 8621
Chatlog with Shapeshifter (ANSI)
convict.txt 1569
Warwick, RI Man Sentenced on Felony Morals Charge (October 3, 1992)
csrob.cap 14224
A BBS Ad Breaks into a Fight on the BBS Ads Board (August, 1994)
cyco_vm.cap 4070
Chat Log on the Coherent Spectrum BBS (September 4, 1994)
phone4.txt 10624
The Rhode Island Black Pages Volume 1 Issue #4

There are 14 files for a total of 345,059 bytes.