Apple II: Cracking

When pirating Apple II games, the challenge was to make it as easy to transfer the files as possible. Since 300 baud could mean a full disk transfer taking over an hour, any reduction in size would be welcomed.

One way to do this would be to take a program disk and turn the disk into a single, smaller file. Of course, most programs (especially games) would have protection schemes inside to check to see if this sort of manipulaiton had gone on. Enter the "Crackers", who would "Crack" the protection schemes so they didn't work anymore.

This battle waged and has continued to wage between Software Companies and Software Pirates.

Description of the Textfile
addocs.txt 17769
DOCS: Advanced Demuffin Version 1.1 by The Stack and The Inspector (February 8, 1983)
adexample.txt 2682
An Example of Using Advanced Demuffin to Crack a Game: Castle Wolfenstein
adtech.txt 16773
Technical Notes for Advanced Demuffin 1.1 by The Stack (1983) 16645
Technical notes for Advanced DeMuffin II, a cracking tool
alienmdcheat.txt 1286
Alien Mind Cheat - Brought to you by The Baron
alienmindpatch.txt 2183
A Crack and patch for Alien Mind, from Fred Gotfredson
asstcracks1.txt 8806
Assorted Cracks 1: Wings of Fury, VCR Companion, CrossWord Magic 4.0, Tetris, RoboCop, Ikari Warriors, etc. from Michael Kelsey
asstcracks2.txt 11043
Assorted Cracks 2: From Mike Hackett
bardst3wheel.txt 565
Bard's Tale III Code Wheel crack,from Zhu Hang
bardstale.txt 8219
Bard's Tale I and II GS character editor
battlechess.txt 1084
Deprotect for Battle Chess
bubbleghost.txt 3680
Bubble Ghost from Accolade 4424
All manner of cheats for various Apple II games
cheats 7416
LARGE Collection of Apple Cheats (Break into Monitor and Modify) 2749
The Penguin's Apple Cheats 4498
Apple Pirate's Cheats
chess2000.txt 1493
ChessMaster 2100 GS 2991
How to Copy Programs, by the Three Musketeers 15163
Copy-Protecting your own disks, by Thomas T. Brylinski
crack1.txt 1023
Introduction to a Talk on Software Piracy 9989
An introduction to cracking by The Necromancer
cracktutor.txt 9295
The Basics of Basic Cracking, by Copy/Cat of the Hi-Res Hijackers 3647
Kracowicz' Kracking Corner IV 1900
How to crack Crisis Mountain, by Doctor Who
crisismtncrack.txt 1922
How to Crack Crisis Mountain
darkheart.txt 6468
Become Master of the Game! Breaking into The Dark Heart of Uukrul by Jeff Hurlburt
deathcheat 517
Cheat for "Death Sword"
dejavucracks.txt 849
Deju Vu cracks from Computist magazine 51504
Examining protected Applesoft programs, by the Disk Jockey
dm2copy.txt 682
Deprotect Dungeon Master v2.0
fastbreak.txt 1143
Fastbreak GS by Accolade
gnarlygolfcheat.txt 962
Gnarly Golf GS cheat - Britanicca by Jim Maricondo
hdinstallmethod.txt 10700
Install HD Version 1.0 May 1991
hot_rods_tfile_1.txt 15568
Hot Rod's Goodbye to the Scene, by Hot Rod of Black Bag (April 4, 1986)
immortaldepro.txt 2487
Deprotecting The Immortal
infohardware.txt 13996
Krakowicz' Kracking Korner: Basic Hardware Kracking Tools
infolost.txt 6615
The Lost Treasures of Infocom Mini Manual
inforomswitch.txt 4970
Instructions for the Romswitch and the Krakrom NMI, by Krakowicz
jacknicklausgolf.txt 749
Jack Nicklaus's Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf 2927
High Technology's Cracking Tutorial, Part I 1765
High Technology's Cracking Tutorial, Part II 2239
High Technology's Cracking Tutorial, Part III 1887
High Technology's Cracking Tutorial, Part IV 2560
High Technology's Cracking Tutorial, Part V
krackarcade.txt 11096
Krakowicz's Kracking Korner IV: The Arcade Machine, with Notes on NMI and IDSI's Juggler, by Krakowicz
krackcyclod.txt 18184
Krakowicz' Kraking Corner: Cyclod, by Krakowicz
krackcyclod2.txt 12219
Krakowicz' Kracking Corner: Cyclod and Juggler, by Krakowicz
krackspm.txt 13745
Krakowicz' Kracking Korner: Kameari from Ado-Soft (Japan)
krackssi.txt 16351
Krakowicz' Kracking Korner: SSI's RDOS, by Krakowicz
kracktypea.txt 24839
Dealing with Disk Access Routines, by Krakowicz
krackwo.txt 8266
Krakowicz' Kracking Corner IIIa: Way Out, by Krakowicz
krackwo2.txt 7269
Krakowicz' Kraking Corner: Way Out Part 2, by Krakowicz
krakowic.txt 13198
Kracowicz' Kraking Tips from ROM Raider 137510
The Kracowicz Basics of Cracking Series. A++
lastninjaonhd.txt 1770
Last Ninja/IIgs Deprotect and Hard Disk Mods 5981
The Byte's introduction to Mac Cracking 13084
Black Bag's Introduction to Machine Language for Cracking 9569
Macteam's thoughts on copy protection on the Macintosh
manycheats2.txt 20106
Many Cheats II, from Pirates Bay
miffins2.txt 1421
How to use Demuffin Plus
odysseydepro.txt 1246
Odyssey: The Compleat Adventure (Deprotection) 16201
Parameters of Nibbles Away II for various software packages
piratesdeproandhd.txt 9838
Making Pirates/GS Hard Disk Bootable, by Rubywant
playroomdepro.txt 1710
A Backup for Playroom, by Broderbund
princepersiadepro.txt 2243
Deprotect for Prince of Persia on 3.5" Floppy
softkey 21083
Softkey Unprotections for a Variety of Commercial Programs
tangled.txt 2888
Deprotect for Tangled Tales
thexder.txt 1201
Old version Thexder joystick patch for IIgs 11562
Mr. Xerox' boot tracing, volume I (badly converted)
tstdrv28biltdepro.txt 363
Deprotect for the 8 bit version of Test Drive II
ultima.v.txt 1097
Copy II+ Parameters for Ultima V
wings.fury.cht 606
Cheat to Wings of Fure
wiz4codesinfo.txt 3575
Wizardry IV Codes
wiz5codes.txt 37590
Wizardry V Magic Word List
wpwiz1dsk.txt 1372
Adding Write-Protect to Wizardry I boot disk image
xenocide.txt 925
Xenocide "key-disk" removal patch
yscheat.txt 5179
Cheat for Ancient Land of Y's (GS) by Jim Maricondo
ysdepro.txt 6834
Crack for Ancient Land of Y's (GS) by Jim Maricondo

There are 78 files for a total of 725,954 bytes.