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Parent Directory at Master Site: http://trenco2.gno.org/pub/apple2/gs.specific/gno
Current Directory at Master Site: http://trenco2.gno.org/pub/apple2/gs.specific/gno/base
Current Directory: /pub/apple2/gs.specific/gno/base

Most files are available by three methods. The file name link downloads files from the server you are currently on using the HTTP protocol. The HTTP and FTP links following the file name will retrieve the file from the master Trenco archive using the HTTP or FTP protocols, respectively.


This is a symbolic link to the most current full GNO Base Distribution. This is a symbolic link to v206.19990215


These are patches that should be applied to the current full GNO Base Distribution. If this directory is empty, then there are no patches to apply the the current version.


A symlink to the documentation directory. This is a symbolic link to ../doc


This is a copy of the GNO Base Distribution source repository. You cannot traverse this directory through the regular web interface but it is available through FTP, either by using a command line interface FTP program, or by following this link in a web browser. For a complete list of the contents of this directory, see the file src/FILE.LIST. Sources are also available via anonymous CVS. See the chapter on installation for GNO v2.0.6 in the GNO Overview and Installation Reference for details. Please only download what you need. The GNO base distribution sources are over 15MB is size. Help keep the load on this server down.


This is the Base Distribution for GNO v2.0.4. It is actually GNO v2.0.1 with a few upgrade disks. It was the last version shipped by Procyon before GNO was made freely available. This distribution is now obsolete; you should be using the distribution out of the directory, "current".


GNO Base Distribution, release date 14 February 1999. Ensure you read the installation instructions for GNO v2.0.6 in the Overview and Installation Reference Manual.


These are interim releases that were intended for v2.0.4 systems prior to the release of v2.0.6. [Obsolete]

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