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Most files are available by three methods. The file name link downloads files from the server you are currently on using the HTTP protocol. The HTTP and FTP links following the file name will retrieve the file from the master Trenco archive using the HTTP or FTP protocols, respectively.

brthits1seq.shk (271 k) Retrieve from Trenco by HTTP or by FTP.

The mixed "Bert's Greatest Hits" collection. Contains: Debussy's "Claire De Lune" for solo piano; Serge Rachmaninoff's "Etude-Tableau" in E-flat Major, opus 33 number 6; Bach's "Tocatta and Fugue in Dm"; "Careless Whisper" (unknown origin); Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Good"; "You Don't Know" (unknown origin); Art Tatum's "Blue Moon" for jazz piano; Zez Confrey's ragtime classic "Dizzy Fingers"; "Sentimental" (unknown origin); "Twelfth Street Rag" for ragtime piano; First and second themes from the movie "Being There"; and "Over You", a sentimental pop tune.

gmragtmseq.shk (60 k) Retrieve from Trenco by HTTP or by FTP.

The Easy Winners / Scott Joplin; (unidentified -- gmgood.seq); and The Maple Leaf Rag / Scott Joplin.

slabpak2.shk (307 k) Retrieve from Trenco by HTTP or by FTP.

Assorted songs, including: "Strawberry Fields"; "The Entertainer"; themes from "The Addams Family", "Beverly Hills Cop", "Looney Tunes", "Mickey Mouse", and "Miami Vice"; and others. This is a symbolic link to ../sound.tracks/slabpak2.shk

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