Termcaps "Termcap" is short for "terminal capability", and is the name of a database which applications can use to do full-screen output on any kind of terminal. The termcap database contains records for the various supported terminals, each of which contains fields of the form cap=value Cap is a two-letter code that represents a cursor movement, screen mode change (such as inverse or underline mode), and various other things. Value is usually a sequence of control characters that is sent to a terminal to initiate the desired action. Value can also be 'boolean', or yes/no, values, for such things as "Does this terminal support cursor movement?". The termcap file is documented in termcap(5) manual page. The termcap library does not specifically require GNO/ME. The following terminal types are supported in the GNO/ME termcap file: gnocon GNO Console CONSOLE GS/OS .console driver ptse Proterm Special Emulation vt100 DEC VT-100 terminal ansisys MS-DOS ANSI.SYS xerox820 Xerox 820-II CP/M terminal iw1 Apple ImageWriter I printer iw-alt Alternate ImageWriter I printer deskjet Hewlett Packard DeskJet 500 printer The printer entries allow a formatted electronic manual page to be sent to the printer. For example, the following script would bring up the manual page for ls, format it for the DeskJet 500, and print it with italics and boldface: set temp=$term set term=deskjet man $1 > .ttyb set term=$temp