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The current version of describe is %%VERSION_LONG%%.
The describe database was last updated %%DATE%%.

A while ago, James Brookes wrote a utility called "describe". It has a simple purpose: To maintain a database of utilities for GNO/ME and ORCA/Shell and offer a way to get a concise description of a utility quickly and easily.

Since describe is nothing without an up-to-date database, Sönke Behrens created the first online describe database, which provided a central repository for the data, and an easy mechanism for updating that data.

Leslie Barstow also maintains an online version of the describe database. (He gets his data from Sönke.) His version is indexed by alphabet and category, and is searchable. You can find his version at

This page is based heavily on Sönke's and Leslie's work. From this page you can:

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