A project that is on-going, and supports the PAL standard

What is this?!

The Video Grabber IIgs is a card that is being Developped by Rob Goedknegt, and that works with the following hardware:

  • Apple IIgs
  • A hard disk drive
  • PAL standard video mode (sorry, no NTCS yet)

    What it does...

    The Video Grabber "grabs" video frames from any PAL signal, like the video recorder (a.k.a. a VCR machine). It can save them to your hard disk right away, and display them too.

    A few options are planned to be included:

  • VideoText support
  • External tuner

    Dark Castle Magazine just published a new article by Rob Goedknegt, which describes more information about the grabber. On the disk that comes with the Magazine is a beta version of the grabber program. In the Magazine itself there is a printed screenshot.

    After the PAL grabber has been finished, an NTSC scheme will be made available so that other people can build the card too. However, if you show your interest, Rob might think of making a series of NTSC grabbers too. It all depends on your interest. The more orders, the lower the price, and the higher the chance that ready-made NTSC grabbers will become available. Best chance is that Dark Castle is going to sell them.

    Contact information

    Rob Goedknegt can be reached at the following address:
  • rob@darkcastle.ecore.fnet.org

    This page was last updated: 24 October 1996

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