Hello to the following people:

Hello to everybody listed below! If you think you should be added to this list, please send me email at dboomsma@sci.kun.nl

Hello Mystic Man! How's your BBS doing? (+31-314-360268)

Hello Pepe Pepper, my dear sister, been chatting lately? :=)

Hello Dead Kennedy! How high is your phonebill now? hahahah

Hello to Tom, who offered me this homepage. Keep up your good work with the One World Software Wizards club!

Hello to Jos van Heck. How far are your latest programs??? :-)

Hello to anyone who visited my home page...

Hello Peter van Dongen! Too bad you ever gave up your GS :-(

Hi Maikel G. Can you mail me your homepage address at the DDS?

Hi Mark Hess, please stop pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE!!

Hello Paul! Good work, PMP Fax! Can't wait to see it!

Hoi Jan Maes, see you next Apple Meeting in Utrecht?

Hi Kim Lotterman! Ga je ook een homepage maken op de dds???

Greets to Dikke Bertha202 at the University of Nijmegen!

Hello to Saskia!! Weet je je wachtwoord nu al?

Ha goeie Andreas! Hoe gaat het er mee? De Zwarte zee vaart nog!

Hoi Emiel Koning! Bedankt voor je brief, een antwoord is onderweg

Hello to just anyone who is at the Andreas College in Drachten! Please email me if you're on that school. I've been on it too! Say hello to Marlies ten Hoopen from me (she's in 6 Atheneum now).

Hello to Heidi, although I doubt if she will ever read this...

Ik ben zo blij, ik ben zo blij! Ik sta er ook op!! (Boris)

Hoi Tom, Groetnis en oant sjen mar wer (alles yn it Frysk!)

Hoi Henk OA-D. Ik ga misschien een 28.8k modem kopen voor maar 275 piek!

Hoi Boris

Believe in the Power of God!

Greetings to the whole 1WSW Group!

Hello to Apple Klokhuis Holland!

Hello to everyone who ever called da bbs (+31-314-365145)

Hallo Bart! Kun je dit lezen?! Hoioioi ik heb je aan de lijn!

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