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Dark Castle? Maybe you've heard about it before, maybe you haven't.

(Above is a GIF of Deep Dark Castle Magazine - Front Cover - that Dr. Tom digitized, and had
Steve 'The Woz' Wozniak sign for me :)

Well, Dark Castle (DDC) has been founded by a small group of enthusiastic Apple II users. At first we started a BBS to easily share ideas, experiences, files, rumors, facts and other information. Unfortunately we found out that a lot people don't have a modem or greatly dislike calling a BBS every now and then.

So in September 1994 we started publishing a disk. We filled it with interesting messages and programs - consisting of self written software, but also software coming from other sources. There was lot of interest, but it became clear that people were looking for a paper based magazine instead of a so called diskazine. In December 1994 the first issue on paper was a fact! It was a magazine full with information about the Apple II computer, information that had been gathered from various sources during the last three months.

Our goal is easy: publishing a simple magazine with much information, tips techniques, reviews, releases and so on about the Apple II. Besides the magazine there still is a disk that contains software from subscribers.

Because of the increasing success and the international interest, we will be publishing DDC in English starting with the June issue (number 7). There will no longer be a Dutch version available. The increasing number of subscribers will lead to a more various and better quality magazine we hope.

A subscription costs $40 including shipping and handling. Disk or magazine subscription only, costs $25, also including S&H.

If you're interested in our magazine which is published by each Dutch Apple day (quarterly), please contact us! We're eager to tell you more about our goals, help desk, BBS, magazine, disk, etcetera.

The mail address is:

Doede Boomsma
Dark Castle Magazine
Wolborgenmate 72
7006 DK Doetinchem
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-314-324016 - CET zone
BBS : +31-314-365145 - 24h/ day
Fax : +31-24-3445114 - 24h/ day

Email: dboomsma@sci.kun.nl
Fnet : #1@#15

-= Doede Boomsma =- a.k.a. Dark Dude

Download the DDC files

Beware! The Dark Castle Disks are Shrinked 800 Kb disks but may still be large. It can take some time to download the file(s) to your server.

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