A world-wide stack containing almost all Apple IIgs users in the world!

Welcome to the World Wide GS Userlist stack!

This is the official www place of the GS Userlist CD-Rom!

The goal is to create one huge HyperStudio (3.x) Stack which consists of parts made by many Apple IIgs users around the world. Everyone who participates in creating this stack, tells something about him or herself and what he or she uses an Apple II(gs) for.


Where to find the "userstack.shk" file?

A copy of the stack to start with, can be found at:

Download the Stack `CD Rom Stack'

For people who don't know what to do:

Just klick on CD Rom Stack and what you will see, is alot of nonsense. Be sure to capture at, and save it as cdromstack.shk. ShrinkIt will be able to open the file and extract its contents.

First I didn't know how it worked, but after trying (I still wouldn't believe it!) it worked!

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