Dark Castle BBS -- forever for Apple II!

Dark Castle BBS specifications:

(Also other non-BBS specific hardware)

Hardware                                    Software
--------                                    --------

Apple IIgs Rom 01                           Metal 1.09.07
Ramfast Rev D, Rom 3.00h 		    FutureVision 4.1b6
SCSI Quantum 250 Mb			    Prodos 2.03
Quickie Colour Scanner			    GS/OS 6.01
Audio Animator MIDI/ Stereo Card	    Exodus 2.05
Second Sight Card			    Probyte 4.0
4 Meg AE Ram Plus memory
Zip 9 Mhz, 64 Kb Cache
SupraExpress 288 (28.8k)
HP DeskWriter

Something about me:

I'll keep it short, since I seem to have another homepage somewhere on the net as well :-)

At home I use an Apple IIgs for all purposes. Samples include:

About METAL/ FutureVision

What the heck is METAL?

METAL is a Prodos-8 based telecommunications language. It will run on any enhanced Apple II computer.

For best results, you should use the following harware:

  • Apple IIgs
  • ZIP or Transwarp accellerator
  • Hard disk (at least 100 Mb)
  • Fast modem (preferably a 28800 bps model)

    Current projects

    I myself am working on Probyte 4.0. This is a upgrade to Probyte 3.0, which worked with older versions of METAL and Future Vision (i.e. 4.02xev).
    I am also in the posession of about 35 online games, that I am currently updating to run them with FV 4.1.
    However, quite a few games are pre-compiled, and I am looking for their sources. If you have the source, know the author, or know where to find the source, please let me know!
  • Planet Bashers
  • Lotto (By Xevious) - haven't tried on him yet

    Games that I have

    (although not all are working)

  • Naval War (with ANSI version)
  • Hang Man
  • Chess
  • Horse Race
  • Planet Bashers
  • Lotto
  • Sex Quiz (doesn't work; is precompiled)
  • Horoscope (need to fix the double linefeed for ANSI screens)
  • Dual Columns

    Where can I opbtain a copy of METAL/ FutureVision?

    The original archive of METAL/ FutureVision, is at the Galadriel ftp site (galadriel.ecaetc.ohio-state.edu). However, it is NOT recommended that you download the files from Galadriel, because they contain many bugs, and lack lots of small files. To get a working METAL/ FutureVision BBS, you need to spend at least around 50 hours editing, and trying.

    At this very moment, a few sysops are working on an update. They are Tony Diaz and Dave Miller. I myself try to help them by reporting bugs, my own fixes, and ideas.

    During the last few weeks (months) I received several e-mails in which people asked about METAL/ FutureVision BBS's. I also wrote something for the August 1996 GenieLamp about it.

    Requests for a WORKING BBS setup, have lead to the idea of shrinking one of the existing BBS's, and putting it online. First, I didn't have a clue of where to put it, but Dave Miller offered some space at his account to store the files for YOUR download perposes for free! (You should thank him for this! :-).

    At this time, I'm shrinking my BBS setup (Dark Castle BBS) with all fixes, updates, etcetera. It will be directly installable on your computer, with a little modification where indicated in the help file.

    It is to be expected to be online NEXT week, i.e. starting Sunday the 6th of October. Please come back here, and 'grab' the files if you're interested!

    Well, that's is for this week... Hope you visit this (and Dave's) page every now and then to keep informed about the coming update and the current state of METAL/ FutureVision 4.1b6up5fix2 :-)

    Links to other great METAL/ FutureVision related pages are:

  • David Miller's Home Page