SuperConvert v4.0 - New Features Listing and Outline

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The following listing and outline gives information all the new and improved features
in SuperConvert version 4.0

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Remapping an image is generally about 20% faster.

Now recognizes GIF's new filetype assignment when loading (as a result you
may need to click the "Load all pictures regardless of type" option for generic
E;GIF files).

NDAs are now usable under System 6.

Corrected a problem which could cause another application to be activated when
doing a full screen preview under The Manager.

Pictures with invalid palette entries (such as produced by the ComputerEyes GS
digitizer software) no longer crash when saved as GIF.

A printer driver error where enhanced printing of a 320 mode picture caused the
printer dialog boxes to be blank has been fixed by using a workaround.

Corrected a problem which caused saving a desktop picture INIT to crash if it
was used more than once.


The Help window has a scroll bar to handle topics larger than one window
(rather than having multiple pages of help for the same topic).

You can prevent the Remap dialog box from appearing automatically after
loading a True Color Image.

You can have the Remap dialog box appear automatically after loading a
Screen Image.

Inserting a disk can automatically start a Load (or a Save, if the disk was
unreadable and had to be formatted).

Added a button to clear the "Skip Me" conversion preferences. New Prefs:
Preferences can now be made permanent by saving them to disk.


Printing now supports multipalette pictures with the ImageWriter II and
ImageWriter LQ (and any others that watch for the "palette changed" picture


Added a new item to "Convert to True Color". The conversion is automatic if the
Screen Image is 320 mode.

If the Screen Image is 640 mode then a new dialog box appears that lets you
specify whether the conversion should be "exact" (so each pixel retains its
individual color) or "smoothed" (so dithered pixels become a solid color). A
"Skip Me" checkbox lets you set the option once so that subsequent selections
of "Convert to True Color" will not present a dialog box (cleared using the
Apple/Preferences dialog box).


The "Remap" menu item has been changed to "Convert to Screen".

Added an "auto aspect ratio" option to maintain the correct aspect ratio when
resizing images.

If a True Color image is not in memory, the existing Screen or Monochrome
image is automatically converted to be a True Color image, then the familiar
Remap dialog box is presented.

After converting the True Color image to a Screen image you can examine the
results, crop the screen image, and so on, all independently from the Tue Color

image. At any point you can choose "Convert to Screen" from the True Color
menu to create another Screen image from the True Color data.

Added new special effects: Emboss, Blur, Sharpen, Solarize, Find Edges,
Increase Contrast, and Decrease Contrast.


This entire menu is new, and is used for Monochrome (black and white) image
types. There are two Load Formats which make use of this new image type:
Works of Art (Springboard Publisher) and MacPaint as monochrome image.


Small icons (rather than asterisks) indicate whether the Load Format is for
Screen, True Color, or Monochrome images.

Improved the IBM .PCX graphics format to handle 256-color and 24-bit true

variations. 2-color files now load as monochrome images.

Improved the MacPaint format to allow loading as a monochrome image.

Added the following new load formats:
New Print Shop graphics
ThunderScan raw scan files
Works of Art (Springboard Publisher)
ComputerEyes GS raw data file
DreamGrafix SHR screen
DreamGrafix "3200 color" screen
Windows and OS/2 bitmap (.BMP)
Ventura Publisher (.IMG, .GEM)
Sun Rasterfile
Portable Pixelmap (.PBM, .PGM, .PPM)
PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
SGI Iris (.SGI, .BW, .RGB, .RGBA)


Small icons (rather than asterisks) indicate whether the Save Format is for
Screen, True Color, or Monochrome images.

Saving a Macintosh-usable graphic (GIF or TIFF) onto an HFS disk sets the
appropriate Mac file Type and Creator information--if you save onto an HFS

the images will be recognized by most Mac programs without needing to use a
Macintosh utility program to change the file's Type and Creator.

Improved the Finder Icon format: the small icon editor now handles half-pixel
mode for all colors, not just black & white.

Added the following save formats:
Hex data (useful for programmers)
Icon resource (useful with HyperCard GS)
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) which gives very high compression


The image preview window can now preview any image type (Screen, True
Color, or Monochrome), just by selecting the desired type from a popup menu
within the preview window.

Screen images can be displayed with the proper palettes by selecting the desired
type from a popup menu within the preview window.

Another popup menu within the preview window lets you select the preview size
(1/8 shrink, 1/4 shrink, 1/2 shrink, Actual size, 2x zoom, 4x zoom, 8x zoom)

Another popup menu lets you choose between a Selection tool and a new "Pixel
Peek" tool that shows you the values of any pixel in the picture (just select the
Pixel Peek tool, then click on the pixel you want to check).

The selection marquee can now be resized just by dragging one of its edges or
corners, and can be moved by dragging inside the selected area.

These options are very handy for cropping True Color images down before
converting them to a Screen image (for example, zoom in 4x or 8x, draw and
resize the marquee to highlight the exact pixels you want in your picture, the
"crop to selection" and convert to a Screen image).