Starting the MicronEye causes the screen to go blank, and prepares the computer to begin the display of pictures using your computer's high resolution graphics capabilities. The MicronEye then begins sending what it sees to your computer. The computer then displays this picture onto the computer's screen. The size of the picture displayed can be modified by using the "SET UP CAMERA PARAMETERS" option.

When the MicronEye begins sending pictures to your computer, the MicronEye has no way of knowing if the picture is properly focused or if the proper exposure time has been selected. If you are having difficulty focusing or selecting the proper exposure setting, refer back to TECHNIQUES FOR OPERATING THE MICRONEYE.

There are several single-key commands that you can use when the camera is operating. These commands allow you to increase or decrease the exposure time, save pictures to disk, recall pictures from disk, print pictures to a printer, enable and disable the display of information about each picture displayed, select fixed or automatic exposure times, etc. These commands are called real- time commands and are discussed in the "REAL-TIME COMMANDS" section.

While the MicronEye is operating, you can return to the main menu at any time by typing "Q"