The "P" key causes the current picture being displayed to be printed on an Epson graphics printer in slot 1. This command can also be used after loading a picture from disk, by typing a "P" when prompted to "press <RETURN> to continue..."

The routine is intended for an Epson printer using a parallel interface. Attempting to select the print option without a printer or a non-Epson parallel printer will cause the program to hang. Some early models of the Epson graphics printer may not work properly either. The reason for all of the problems associated with printing graphics is that the standard PRINT and COUT routines will insert unwanted line feeds and carriage returns into the print stream.

If you have a screen dump routine for your printer, you should modify lines 2010, 1180, and 1190 of the MicronEye program to use your screen dump routine rather than the one supplied. An alternative to this approach would be to save the picture in uncompressed format (refer to SAVE PICTURE section) and then run your screen dump program to print the picture.