Apple III: Interfacing a LaserWriter and III E-Z Pieces (10/94)

Apple III: Interfacing a LaserWriter and III E-Z Pieces (10/94)

The following describes the connection between III E-Z Pieces on the Apple III and the LaserWriter.
I. Apple III:
     A. Driver: .RS232
          1. Data Configuration Block:
               0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B
              --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --
              0E  00  00  00  00  80  13  11  DF  84  50  00
             No parity is set automatically in the Printer Mode.
II. The Connection
    1. Cables
         A. Connect Modem Eliminator Cable (Part #590-0166) to the 
            connector on the back panel of the Apple III.
         B. Connect the Serial and Communications Cable (Part #590-0037) to 
            the connector on the Laserwriter.
         C. Connect the remaining ends of the two cables together.
         D. Here is a diagram of the connection:
              From:                       To:
              Apple III                   LaserWriter
              Back panel Serial Port
              DB-25 connector             DB-25 connector
              signal    -    pin  wiring  pin  -  signal
              Frame Ground   1      <->    1      Frame Ground
              Tx             2      <->    3      Rx (Receive Data)
              Rx             3      <->    2      Tx (Transmit Data)
              RTS            4      <->    4      RTS (Ready To Send)
              Signal Ground  7      <->    7      Signal Ground
              DTR            20     <->    20     Tx (Transmit Data)
III. LaserWriter
       1. Set the Selector Switch on the LaserWriter to "Special". This can 
          be done without turning off the printer. In Diablo 630 emulation 
          mode the LaserWriter uses 9600 baud, XON/XOFF protocol, and no 
IV. Verification
       1. To verify the connection, turn on the III, video monitor, and
          LaserWriter. Boot III E-Z Pieces and choose "Other Activities"  
          from the Main Menu. Add a custom printer, naming it LaserWriter. 

          Use these settings for this custom printer:
            1. Needs line feeds after each Return  No
            2. Accepts top-of-page commands        Yes
            3. Stop at end of each page            No
            4. Platen width                        8.0 inches
            5. Printer codes                       Yes
          The printer codes for the Diablo Emulation are in the LaserWriter
          Technical Description. If you specifiy no printer codes, the
          typeface will default to Courier standard, 12 characters per 
          inch, monospaced.
       2. Return to the Main Menu and try to print a document.
       3. Be aware that when you use the 3E-Z Pieces command OA-H (for hard
          copy), you will have to print a document using OA-P before you 
          may use the OA-H command again. This is because the command OA-H 
          does not issue the form feed the LaserWriter needs to clear its 
          Diablo emulation settings.

Article Change History:
18 Oct 1994 - Reviewed for technical accuracy, revised formatting.

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