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Most files are available by three methods. The file name link downloads files from the server you are currently on using the HTTP protocol. The HTTP and FTP links following the file name will retrieve the file from the master Trenco archive using the HTTP or FTP protocols, respectively.


Control panel devices. These are programs that show up under the Apple-Control-Panel menu in desktop programs.


Desk accessories. This includes both CDAs (which show up at the Ctrl-OA-Esc key sequence) and NDAs (which show up under the Apple menu in desktop programs).


Device drivers.


Finder extras. These show up at the far right side of your menu bar when running the Finder.


Graphics-mode fonts.


Icons, which graphically show the program type when in the Finder. This is a symbolic link to ../graphics/data/icons


System and OS patches, intended to fix bugs or deficiencies in released products.


Sounds in the rSound resource data format. This is a symbolic link to ../sounds/sound.data/rSounds


Temporary- or permanent-initialization files which are loaded at boot time.


System and user tool sets.

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